The visual history of your digital life.

Revisit every moment in time on your screen. Search across applications and devices. See and understand patterns.

Whether it's been last week or years ago.

Discover the Magic of GO Rewind

The Problem

Our digital lives are fast and cluttered. While some brave souls try to keep track of this clutter by using sticky notes, keeping their bookmarks in order, or their browser tabs in check - most of us do not.

The Solution

That's why we have built GO Rewind. Whatever you do/see, GO Rewind saves it and allows you to rewind to every moment in time on your screen. You’ll never have to fear losing anything again.

Find What You're Looking For

One Search for Everything

Our digital lifes are more than just files. Its the web pages, apps, emails, texts, chats, ideas we create and use every day. Our highly advanced search helps you find that moment in time in a snap.

How GO Impowers Workflows

How GO Rewind Changes How Users Work

Do better research

Seen something last week and you totally remember it's shape and color? GO Rewind makes rewinding to that specific moment a breeze! Voila!

Let go of tabs

Tabs are automagically kept track of! If you've ever seen a webpage you can rewind and see it again - time to free ourselves from tab hell! Finally!

Fix bugs, once

If you've ever had that moment of "Wait a second! I've fixed this before!" GO Rewind allows you to rewind to that moment a see how you fixed it! Yes!

How To Start Rewinding

Save Every Moment in Time - Revisit it Later

Whatever you do/see, GO Rewind saves it and allows you to revisit every moment in time on your screen in a fully searchable way. You’ll never have to fear losing anything again.


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Our Privacy Promise

Keep What's Private, Private

You control what you want GO Rewind to remember and what it should ignore. Your Data is stored on our dedicated ISO 27001 and HIPAA certified private cloud servers. GO Rewind never shares any of your data with 3rd parties.

For more on privacy take a look at our Privacy Promise

No Loss of Performance

Minimal Resource Usage

Low CPU Usage

Our patent pending tech uses less CPU than a single browser tab.

No Battery Drain

Keep your charge, GO Rewind intelligent resource management makes sure your battery stays fresh.

20 Years Of Memory

Strong encryption and smart storage technology keeps your visual history safe for up to 20 years!

How To Start Rewinding

The Team Behind GO Rewind

GO Rewind was created by Ali Jelveh, Marco Buhlmann and Thies Arntzen as a remedy for constant tab overflow and the need to free up mind space by reducing the anxiety to lose information if not present in an open tab, window or document stored locally.
They partnered up with a seasoned team of Silicon Valley VCs Tim Draper & Elementum Ventures to change how we use computers.

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"Free your mind - GO Rewind!"

Ali Jelveh, Founder